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Posted online: January 2018

Talking ’bout this generation…they’re bold + beautiful, brave + brilliant, benevolent + brash… Watch out world, these BRIGHT YOUNG things are THE FUTURE

Heather Blair

17, activist, @heathersblair

WATCH FOR The bubbly Green School-educated modern Gloria Steinem is jetting off to The New School in New York City to study film and human rights in the fall; wrapping up film preproduction for the Avatar sequels; shedding a light on sexual assault, trafficking, and discrimination.

Who are you? “I am an individual passionate to make change and create a positive impact in people’s lives.” 

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “Santa Barbara is the only thing in my life that will never change. No matter where I travel or move to, I know it will always be here, even more magical than before.”

What do you live for? “Hope!”


Tyler Howell

27, professional downhill skateboarder, @tyler_howell_sB

WATCH FOR An airborne Dos Pueblos High School daredevil sponsored by Arbor skateboards, among others, whizzing by you on Gibraltar Road at lightening speeds while rushing to catch his marketing class at Santa Barbara City College.

Who are you? “I am a passionate and driven young man who is constantly pushing the boundaries of life—both mentally and physically. Ride everything, surf the earth!”

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “In one day, you can go surfing, hiking, rock jumping, skating, climbing, mountain biking, boating, paddle boarding, skim boarding, fishing, hang gliding, swimming, diving, play volleyball—the opportunities are endless. We have world-class waves, world-class roads, and world-class culture. From the mountains to the sea, that’s where I want to be.” 

What do you live for? “Adventure.” 


Sawyer Rhodes

17, water polo player, @sawyerrhodes

WATCH FOR The 6’5” Santa Barbara High School all-star athlete is taking on Stanford in the fall to study environmental science; known as a sensitive and humble yet competitive giant who thrives, strives, and strikes his goals on the university’s water polo team.

Who are you? “I tend to set the bar high for myself, but for me, the challenge is greater than the end result.”

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “Santa Barbara was perfect to grow up in. It’s the size I love, which provided a great social life in a beautiful setting.” 

What do you live for? “Joy.”


Agustin Mallmann

24, chef, @amallmann

WATCH FOR The fiery Argentinean’s love of the flame doesn’t fall far from the pampa—this San Marcos High School alum hails from a legendary family of culinary celebs and has trained under the watchful eye of his uncle, renowned Patagonian chef Francis Mallmann; follow the smoke to his polo and beach asados.

Who are you? “I’m a passionate person, and I try to inspire other people to do what they love, to not settle for any job, even if it means it’s going to be harder and more risky…always do what you love.”

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “I have great memories as a child cooking on the Mesa with my father, Cacaio, and my grandmother, Picho, who would visit every summer from South America.”

What do you live for? “Happiness.”


Rashelle Monet

24, inventor, @rashellemonet

WATCH FOR The driven SBCC student is the founder of Umbii, a local startup that has created a dog bed that your puppy can’t get off of—this revolutionary tool makes managing and training pooches easier.

Who are you? “I am a visionary, a progressionist, and an innovator who uses my creativity to develop products and ideas that I hope will one day influence positive change within the world.”

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “This magical place is filled with amazing people who helped me discover my talents, inspired me to pursue my dreams, and encouraged me to explore my spirituality. Santa Barbara is the place I found out who I truly am.”

What do you live for? “Meraki.”


Conner Coffin

23, professional surfer, @connercoffin

WATCH FOR The Carpinteria homeschooled 

Rincon shredder, 5’7” dynamo on the 2017 World Surfing League tour; self-proclaimed backyard gardener and gourmet; global wave chaser—from Fiji to Australia to Indonesia to Hawaii and Brazil.

Who are you? “I am a loyal, loving, and passionate person. I hope to inspire kids to find what they are passionate for and push themselves to achieve their dreams.”

 GROWING UP IN THE 805 “I love its natural beauty and charm as well as its sense of community. Our coastline is so beautiful and                                                                                       littered with great waves. To me, it is a really nice balance of many of the things that I love.”

 What do you live for? “Family.”


Corina Alulquoy Brown

25, designer/blogger, @wildandfree.corina

WATCH FOR The grounded Gaviota-raised, Midland School and UCSB grad Snapchats her 200K followers into her bohemian world of festivals and fashion as owner of Wild & Free Jewelry; soaked in iconic surf culture lore with her The Endless Summer grandfather Bruce Brown.

Who are you? “I’m a California girl who adores the wilderness and strives to embrace a creative independent lifestyle. I want to encourage a stronger emphasis of self-love across all media/social outlets and remind others that it’s entirely possible to manifest your dreams with hard work and dedication.” 

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “As a child, I would escape to the mountains with my family and constantly immerse myself in nature. I find endless inspiration for my photography and designs in our pristine landscape.”

What do you live for? “Passion.”


Carter Hallman

28, winemaker, @carterpaulwines

WATCH FOR A well-educated oenophile (San Marcos to SBCC to Cal Poly viticulture) and now owner of his first vintage of Carter Paul Wines, named after his two grandfathers; look for the familial nod on the unique label that originates from one of Hallman’s own paintings that reflect the wine’s personality.

Who are you? “A laid-back, meticulous creator living in the moment; respecting oneself, others, and the planet; and coming together continually over shared meals and good wine!”

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “It is truly paradise and feels like a vacation every day. My passions are heavily rooted in my upbringing in the wine and art community of Santa Barbara and have shaped who I am today.” 

What do you live for? “Creating.”


Grace Johnson

17, model, photographer, @grace.johhnson

WATCH FOR The epitome of a do-it-all generation, this senior at Santa Barbara High School’s MAD Academy has a 4.0 and above, holds a full-time after-school job, is laser-focused on studying photography and film at USC, and is following the Hollywood footsteps of her father, Don Johnson, and current It-girl sister, Dakota. Oh, and honorary grandmother is Tippi Hedren to boot.

Who are you? “I am in the process of finding out exactly who I am, but so far I know that I am very open-minded and want to continue to better myself.” 

GROWING UP IN THE 805 “Everyone I have met here has taught me a different lesson. Even though no matter where you go you’ll always meet all different types of people, I think the people in Santa Barbara, specifically, have changed me for the better.” 

What do you live for “Love.”

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