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Posted online: April 2017

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Patagonia is headed to UCSB for the final stop of its Worn Wear College Tour. Created in 2013, Patagonia’s Worn Wear program encourages people to change their take-and-discard relationship with clothes by providing resources for responsible care, repair, reuse, resale, and recycling of garments. “We want our friends and customers to learn that the single best thing you can do for the planet is to use stuff longer,” says Patagonia president and CEO Rose Marcario. “Our goal as a company is to continue to provide the tools and resources to make this philosophy a reality in our customers’ lives.” Patagonia strongly believes that the memories contained in a garment’s patches, stitches, and scars can’t be replaced with something new, and thus Worn Wear aims to help customers celebrate those stories and promote the growing zero-waste movement. 

On Wednesday, April 26, Patagonia is setting up its mobile repair shop where people can get any garment repaired and learn how to fix their own gear from 11 am-5 pm on UCSB’s Lot 22 Lawn. Then from 6-8 pm, Rick Ridgeway and Scott Briscoe will speak more about what you can do to reduce waste and live more sustainably in “What to do, How to Live: Personal Activism for a Threatened Planet,” located in Theater and Dance West 1701.  

Starting this spring, customers are invited to bring used Patagonia items to their local Patagonia store in exchange for merchandise credit, and beginning this summer, Patagonia will launch an e-commerce Worn Wear platform for selling used Patagonia clothing and gear online, sourced directly from its customers. Through its efforts, Patagonia hopes to evolve towards a more “responsible, circular model of business and living—which is what Worn Wear is here to celebrate and encourage.” Taylor Masket


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