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Posted online: January 2017

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Dress, $9,000, Valentino. AGL pumps, $472, Allora by Laura. Earrings, $2,200, and rings, from $440, Wasson Fine. Rugs throughout, price upon request, The Tent Merchant.

A love affair that started off as an innocent camping trip turned full-on when Erin Wasson bought an older Spanish cottage in the heart of Ojai. “I’m a Texas girl. I like big, open spaces and nature. I was missing that feeling of community that you most definitely get living in a small town. I moved to Ojai a year ago,” she says, smiling, “and it has changed me. I have a place to grow my ideas. Ojai affects how I live and work and the way that I design. It has allowed me the space to create.

“At the end of the day, I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. But add on the extra touches of a good handbag, shoes, and some jewelry, and you have the whole package,” says Wasson. “It’s the nuance of accessories that tells the story of who the woman really is. I am consistently drawn to that.”

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Blazer, $110, Topshop. Jumper, $995, Zimmermann. Vintage scarf, $125, The Way We Wore. Earrings, $3,450, and pendant, $1,300, Wasson Fine.

Creativity has always been Wasson’s driving force. She credits her design endeavors with maintaining her stamina in the modeling world. “I came up in the industry when models were to be seen and not heard. I confused lot of people,” she laughs. “I came out of the gate very opinionated, with a lot to say.  I have a voice.” Accessing and acting on her creativity helped Wasson blur the lines drawn for the models of her time.

Not content to work solely as a model, about 10 years ago, Wasson got a chance to branch out when her friend, designer Alexander Wang, asked her to create the jewelry for his runway show. “I started making these diamond body chains,” she says. “That was the inception of Low Luv, my costume jewelry company.” Low Luv became a successful brand and served as Wasson’s training ground, teaching her the basics of production, manufacturing, and sales. It helped her to understand what it takes to have a product on the market. “After seven years of doing costume jewelry, I evolved,” she says. “I wanted to get back to the intention of what making jewelry represents for me: to create something that was less disposable and trend driven, with a sense of permanence and longevity attached to it.”

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Right: Top, $595, Zimmermann. Dress, $1,095, 3.1 Phillip Lim. Boots, $525, Eugenia Kim. Earrings, $2,300, and rings, from $440, Wasson Fine. Knuckle ring, model’s own. Left: ALC dress, $595, Intermix. Rochas pants, $1,109, Style Bop. Vintage jacket, stylist’s own. Boots, price upon request, 3.1 Phillip Lim. Earrings, $1,020, necklace, from $1,320, and rings, from $440, Wasson Fine.

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Coat, $1,600, and top, $565, Zimmermann. Tank, price upon request, Audra. Pants, $995, Breelayne. Boots, $940, SERGIO ROSSI. Necklace, $1,320, bracelet, $2,550, and rings, from $440, Wasson Fine. Knuckle ring, model’s own.

Today, Wasson has returned to what she loves about jewelry—working with gold, silver, and stones—through Wasson Fine and rediscovering the romance of working with elements that have staying power. “I am making jewelry that inspires me—wearable pieces that dance a fine line between femininity and edginess,” she says. ”It’s a reflection of who I am.”

Living part-time in Ojai helps Wasson achieve the perfect mind-set for inspiration: “I always say, ‘The second I turn on to the 33 freeway, my whole life changes.’ I joke with friends that I can literally feel the cells in my body cooling out and suddenly, I can breathe again!”

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Dress, $4,135, Stella McCartney. Earrings, $2,200, necklaces, from $1,320, rings, from $440, Wasson Fine.

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