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Posted online: October 2015

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Rob Lowe, the mind behind men’s skin-care line Profile.

Santa Barbara seems to be a magnet for beautiful people. But it’s notoriously hard on beautiful skin. Sun, surf, and wind exact a steep toll and can leave skin looking like the face of Mount Cathedral. Perhaps that’s why skincare gurus seem to crop up like California poppies on the hillsides.
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Rob Lowe’s Profile collection.

The latest entrant is actor and bestselling author Rob Lowe, who spent six years researching and developing PROFILE, profile 4men.com, a skin-care range for men. Lowe says he was inspired, in part, by his surf habit. “I spend a lot of time at the great local breaks—Rincon, Hammonds, et cetera—and nothing beats up a guy’s skin like a day surfing,” he says. “Skin care is critical unless you want your face to look like Ty Cobb’s baseball mitt. It’s a main reason I created Profile’s unique blend of moisturizing and anti-aging products.” Profile products (from $24.50)—particularly the face wash—have a distinctively masculine aroma: Schott leather, Norton hog, and sea spray.

NATURA CULINA, naturaculina .com, another Santa Barbarabased skin-care line, comes in a range of beguiling fragrances— body butter scented with coconut and just a hint of pear is a cult favorite (from $11). “Beautiful aromas have always elevated me,” says founder Lenka Tinka, who grew up in the historic spa city of Carlsbad, Czech Republic. A personal trainer, Tinka began creating lotions and soaps at home and distributing them to friends; clientele grew through word-of-mouth. Today, Natura Culina products are available at Lily’s and Alice’s Nail Boutique on Coast Village Road as well as online.

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Natura Culina founder Lenka Tinka.

Many local skin-care lines evolved out of their founders’ interest in botanicals. Suzanne Fuller’s METAMOUR, metamour skincare.com, combines locally sourced botanical essences with Helichrysum talicum, the oil of a plant from Corsica known for regenerating collagen and regrowing cells (from $12). “It carries ketones more effectively than any other essential oil, and I put it in all my products,” says Fuller, who uses organic ingredients wherever possible. “There is a lot of cancer in my family and among my friends, so I know how important it is to have clean products.”

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Wine Bar organic soap, $5.99, thegrapeseedcompany.com

The founder of THE GRAPESEED COMPANY, thegrapeseedcompany.com, Kirsten Frasier Cotte spent two years traveling the world by boat before docking in Santa Barbara and launching her range of vinotherapy soaps, candles, and body products, including beard oil ($22) and SPF stick ($12.99). All are upcycled from the antioxidant-rich by-products of the California wine industry.

And how do those legions of morning hikers retain their dewy complexions? Via facial treatments at SKIN PROPHECY, skinprophecy.com, courtesy of proprietress Dee Dee Serpa- Wickman, who also does a brisk business in products targeting aging skin such as a serum containing borage oil and hyaluronic acid. Her Lemon Balm ($52), which combats inflammation with aloe vera, lemon extracts, and hydrocortisone, is a medicine cabinet staple. –KATHERINE STEWART




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