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Posted online: August 2015

A Label Looking at the World Through Rosé-Colored Glasses

Their Cultivate label.

Their Cultivate label.

Together with winemaker Nat Gunter and creative director Derek Galkin, Charles and Ali Banks are cultivating change through the local liquid currency, wine. Their label, Cultivate, launched in 2011 and has sourced juices from vineyards all over the world. Their model donates the first 10 cents of every dollar to a variety of nonprofit organizations working in everything from education to basic human needs in communities across the country. Their goal? Give customers the power to express their values through wine’s greatest power—its ability to bring people together. “Americans have rediscovered the family table, and a bottle of wine has a role to play in that,” says Gunther. Atlanta natives with a home in Montecito, the Banks developed what they call “connected capitalism” as a more consistent way to give back, proving that while a business certainly must turn a profit, it can also be a powerful agent in solving various global issues in a way that governments never could. “The Terrior portfolio, terroirselections.com, is an extension of how Charles and Ali see the world and form friendships,” explains Galkin. “Cultivate is the opportunity to have an extension of our worldview.” Look for a new Pinot Noir from Gunter and Jamey Whetstone sourced from Sonoma and Monterey this September. –C.B.

CULTIVATE cultivatewines.com.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Ali and Charles Banks; their Cultivate label.

Ali and Charles Banks



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