Burst of the Sea

Posted online: August 2015

Caviar—the salt-cured roe (fish eggs) of sturgeon—has been consumed as a delicacy for more than 700 years. It’s delectable on its own, atop briny oysters or smoked salmon, or served on blinis with a dollop of crème fraîche. One company known for its sophisticated selection of caviars and smoked salmon is Kolikof, founded in 2012 by Jim Miller. “My mother’s family, the Kolikof family, is of Russian descent and lived in the Caspian Sea city of Baku, considered by historians and gourmands as the center of the ancient caviar world,” he says. “Today, we continue the tradition of my ancestors by traveling the world to source the finest and best-tasting sustainable caviars and smoked salmons.” Kolikof’s most popular caviar is the belugalike Imperial Kaluga (from $75/30 grams, pictured)—a sustainable hybrid with large, glossy light golden green to dark gray grains that have nutty, buttery, and salty flavors—sought after by chefs all over the world, including Nobu Matsuhisa, though the four other varieties are enjoyed by discerning connoisseurs as well. According to Miller, caviar is “best served thoroughly chilled on a mother of pearl spoon” to avoid tainting the exquisite taste. For your next surf-themed party, consider Kolikof’s caviar in the surf bar—four types of caviar are laid upon an ornately designed surfboard along with vintage champagne bottles while professionals are on hand to answer any questions about the delicacy. –G.Z.T.

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