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Posted online: April 2015

Spring15.coverJosie Canseco

NEXT Models, @josiecanseco

This bicoastal California native and only child of All-Star Major League player Jose Canseco can be seen in Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, and was recently named one of the top rising models for 2015 by Vogue. We expect for big things to happen for the 5’9” stunner, and it’s always a pleasure to catch someone on the ascent of their career. Canseco joins musician Jack Johnson, megastar Katy Perry, and supermodel Gigi Hadid as our first cover discoveries. Maybe we are on to something?

“I thought Randall was an amazing photographer! He was very easy to work with and made me feel very confident during the shoot.”

DOPPELGANGER I actually get compared to Gigi Hadid (our Spring 2013 cover girl) at almost every shoot I go to. I agree, we have very similar features, but we’re very different people.

ROLE MODEL Two of my idols are Candice Swanepoel and Brigitte Bargot. Their confidence and sex appeal are so inspiring, and definitely relatable to the type of person I am.

MOVING UP TO THE MAJORS My future goals are to hopefully start working for high-fashion labels such as Chanel and Calvin Klein. I’d also love to work for Victoria Secret one day and hopefully become an angel—a very high expectation, but I believe I can get there one day if I work hard enough. Those would be dreams come true!

HOME RUN Sometimes when I need to get away from the L.A. scene, I’ll pay Santa Barbara a visit for a relaxing pool day with friends. I love the weather and laid back vibe of S.B. Every time I visit, people are so kind and welcoming. I’d definitely consider moving there one day.

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