Top 5: Mate Gallery

Posted online: March 2015

IMG_1416Matt Albiani and Ron Brand’s collection of rare nautical finds, vintage textiles, out-of-print books, and rotating art at Mate Gallery,, transforms their small space in the Montecito Country Mart into an installation itself. They also recently launched a new online store that ships anywhere in the country. Now, well into their second year of bringing the best of New England to Southern California, the pair shares some tips on where to dig up your own hidden treasures and what they are on the hunt for in 2015.


1 Wherever our travels take us, we are on the hunt for a vintage shop.
2 Look for large, multivendor antique malls, which are usually less expensive.
3 Our motto is: “Usually, if it looks like a mess, there deals are in there somewhere.”
4 Dig! Yard sales in expensive towns are also a good bet.

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