Santa Barbara Magazine’s
Summer Lawn Party

Posted online: September 2013

View From The Top

Guests enjoyed a picture-perfect late afternoon sipping Tattinger champagne and playing croquet at
Santa Barbara Magazine’s Summer Lawn Party at the El Encanto Hotel. Blankets, plush pillows, and candle-lit lanterns provided by Town & Country adorned the lawn, and trendy tunes set the mood as friends of the magazine indulged at a So-Cal take on a clambake and McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream while watching the sun set over the Riviera. Photos: Michael Gardner

Melissa Bishop



Jennifer and Kris Zacharias

Laura Johnson, Nancy Neil, and Kenny Osehan

Patsy Tisch, Kai Linz, and Brooke Davenport

Russel Young and Finola Hughes

Jill Levinson, Michelle Ebbin, and Michele Mallet


Aaron McKean and Corey Sanders


The Tattinger bar

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