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Posted online: June 2013


Since launching in 2012, the boutique jet charter service provider YoungJets has really taken off. Founders David and Healey Young deftly helm the Santa Barbara-based business. David brings two-plus decades in the private aviation, music, and VIP travel arena to his company, while Healey—a former film studio VP and Oscar campaign consultant (Sideways)—handles branding and public relations. Though its client list is top secret, media coverage links YoungJets to David Copperfield, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, and Green Day.

How did you two meet?
HEALEY We met while walking our dogs in the Hollywood Hills, where we both lived at the time. We talked the whole way up the canyon, had dinner the next night, and got married the next year. Ten years later, we still have Dave’s dog, Ringo. And two kids!

Are your sons named after musicians?
HEALEY Seven-year-old Drake’s name was inspired by a perfect moment at Drake’s Beach at Hollister Ranch when Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” came on the radio. But Drake’s middle name, Strummer, is indeed in honor of Dave’s musical hero Joe Strummer from The Clash. Beck, 4, is a family name. Coincidentally, when I was pregnant, Dave was working with the musician Beck on a few remixes for his album Guerolito.

Healey, describe your style.
I love classics toughened up with edgy pieces. I’ll pair a checkered oxford with a pouf skirt and insanely high ankle-risking Lanvin wedges. I love L.A. designer Gladys Tamez’s hats. And vintage pool dresses when they’re least expected.

You have quite a bit of rock memorabilia from your days in the music business.
DAVID The American Idiot poster signed by Green Day has a lot of sentimental value. I discovered the Santa Barbara-band Dishwalla, so I have a gold record for their first album Pet Your Friends.

Describe some of your more unusual flights.
DAVID The Rihanna 777 Tour traveled to seven countries in seven days in a Boeing 777. We once rescued a pop star from an unstable African nation. We flew a tuxedo to its owner on a Citation X, the world’s fastest civilian jet.

What are some popular private jet destinations?
DAVID For West Coasters, Cabo, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii are big. Moscow has seen a huge upswing in private jet activity, while London is the busiest international destination. Brazil, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing growth as well.

What is the new trend in private jets?
DAVID Private aviation enthusiasts are excited about the Gulfstream 650, the fastest, widest, longest-range, state-of-the-art private jet available. You can control everything—the shades, entertainment, and seats—from a smart phone.

Has anyone ever been amorous on a flight?
DAVID What happens at 40,000 feet stays at 40,000 feet.

Their modern home full of mid-century furnishings and art; father and son playtime.


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