Snow Day

Posted online: February 2013

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And this winter, we’ve already seen snow dust the hills more than once…


Snow in Los Olivos. Photo courtesy of


Snow in paradise on February 20. Photo courtesy of Lisa Loicano.

WHILE GLIMPSES OF SUNNY SHORELINES and palm trees are everyday sights in Santa Barbara, snow-capped mountains are certainly not. Here are two exceptions to the norm (in 1922 and more recently, 2011), when just the right mix of air temperature and water vapor dusted the tops of our foothills—a mere 10 miles from the ocean—with enough powder to play in. When the climate is right, locals flock to East Camino Cielo and Gibraltar Road for the rare Santa Barbara snow day. And the luxury of winter in the American Riviera? Driving back down the hill, feeling the temperature rise, and hitting the beach to thaw your frozen fingers. Whether snow falls this year or mild beach weather prevails, the season is destined to be picturesque. –BRENNA BOZIGIAN

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