Sweet Easter Treats

Posted online: April 2012

Photo by Tim Halberg, Halberg Photographers

With Easter quickly approaching, what could be more traditional than a decadent chocolate bunny? This year, chocolate bunny creations by Jessica Foster Confections are anything but traditional. With inventive flavors like dark chocolate with caramelized almonds, fleur de sell, and milk chocolate with salt and pepper (from $9), these bunnies are sure to make a bold and delicious statement during your festivities. Foster creatively blends a variety of spices, fruits, and nuts into her confections, using only the purest organic ingredients. Her four-piece chili box ($8), includes truffles infused with chipotle, ancho-cumin, habanero, and cayenne spices, while her eight-piece fruit and herb box ($16) offers a vibrant array of flavors including passion fruit, orange, lemon, pomegranate, lavender, anise-thyme, ginger, and rosemary. Foster has also mastered nondairy truffles, which can be infused with almost any of the available flavors. To learn more about these sweet treats, or to view locations that carry Jessica Foster Confections, click here. –Maria Bianco

Bunnies can be purchased locally at the following locations:

LAZY ACRES 302 Meigs Rd., Santa Barbara, 805-564-4410, lazyacres.com.

PIERRE LAFOND 516 State St., Santa Barbara, 805-962-1455, pierrelafond.com.

WHOLE FOODS 3761 State St., Santa Barbara, 805-837-6959, wholefoodsmarket.com.





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