BUZZ: Holiday Wish List

Posted online: December 2010

Picture 7The seamless and sassy posts by lifestyle blogger Slim Paley (aka interior designer Carolyn Espley-Miller) are an urbanista’s weekly tonic. Herewith, she doesn’t disappoint….

With the holidays and New Year rapidly drawing near, it’s imperative we keep our mental and physical being in optimum condition, or we’ll be good to no one. (We all know who Santa really is!) If you’re like me, your first thoughts turn to food, but truthfully, don’t we have so many other equally important needs? (Work with me here….) Here are a few suggestions for keeping your “vessel” on the bliss setting this season! founder Kristi Cooper White strikes a pose. founder Kristi Cooper White strikes a pose.

FOR YOUR CORE is an online S.B.-based Pilates studio that delivers instruction of the highest quality through different reputable training programs. Anywhere, anytime, and at a great price ($18 per month), you may attend a myriad of classes, updated every other day by Kristi Cooper White and her dynamic instructors. That’s right—NO more excuses! BTW, welcome to my life—I’ve been training with “the Kristinator” for 17 years!

FOR YOUR SOUL I’m also very excited to share that after six years of running the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, my delightful yogini, Denise Zaverdas, has just launched Montecito Yoga, 1187 Coast Village Cir., Ste. 10C, Montecito, 805-845-1301,, her “sanctuary for soul-centered evolution.” Denise is joined by an impressive roster of beloved instructors offering a broad spectrum of classes for newbies to advanced students in an intimate, peaceful setting. Easy parking rounds off your total Zen experience.

Picture 6FOR YOUR MIND The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 (University of California Press, $35). In an age where 15 minutes of fame is considered a score, one has to admire the audacity of stipulating your autobiography not be published until 100 years after your death, but pre-Facebook, Twitter, and TMZ, just one of the endlessly fascinating aspects of Twain was that he knew how to work celebrity like nobody’s business. A fascinating life and a must read for fans of Huck and Tom—wouldn’t that be all of us?

FOR YOUR MOOD Don’t you just love those rare occasions when you hear a song for the first time and know you have a future together? I’m so into Fistful of Mercy’s new album As I Call You Down ($10, available at iTunes), a joint venture by Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison, and Joseph Arthur. New band, old souls.

Picture 8FOR YOUR HEART Pierre Léonforte and Eric Pujalet-Plaà’s Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks (Abrams Books, $125). Yes, your heart. Mine certainly started to beat faster (a sip or two of restorative red wine was needed) upon opening this gorgeous new boxed tome from the infamous purveyors of luxury travel goods. A leather trunk that turns into a shower? Umm…hold that thought while I try to stuff three pounds of my cosmetics into a plastic sandwich bag.

FOR YOUR CLOSET (It has feelings too.) Hermès Jumping boots ($2,050, available at—in a brand-new color I like to call “Merry Christmas to Me!” What can be said about these boots except…size eight, please.

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    I’m looking for pics of Rob Lowe’s beach house from 2005 in your magazine. Is there anyway to download these?

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