Sweet Summer Scoop

Posted online: August 2010

Picture 1Make the most of summer days with Rori’s Organic Creamery ice cream. Choose from 12 flavors—such as malted milk ball, salted caramel, and dairy-free Roman’s chocolate coconut—by the pint (from $6.50) at Jeannine’s Bakery at Gelson’s, 3305 State St., Santa Barbara, 805-569-8899, jeannines.com, and by the scoop (from $3.45) at the downtown Jeannine’s Bakery and Restaurant, 15 E. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, 805-687-8701, jeannines.com. The frozen treats set taste buds tingling with all-natural ingredients—fair-trade organic chocolate, organic blue agave, and Straus Family Creamery milk, cream, and eggs. “You can taste the difference between organic and non-organic,” says creator Rori Trovato. “The mint in my ice cream is actually mint, not an extract.” Taste quality also comes from small-batch production, which means Trovato churns fresh every day. She also has two ice cream carts in the works and hopes to have a truck one day. Says the cool confection aficionado: “Ice cream inspires me because I’ve never sold anything so fun in my life. People get so excited over it.’” –Taylor Ross

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